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The Krystal Klean Story

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Today: Krystal Klean offers a range of services including pressure washing, waterproofing and painting (above).

Jeremy Morgan and his wife, Claire, co-founded Krystal Klean in Michigan in 2001. After their first winter of washing windows in the wind and snow, they decided to resettle in a warmer climate.

They packed all they owned into two vehicles and headed south. Tired of driving, by the time they reached Jacksonville, they decided to end their travels and set up shop. Jeremy and Claire began walking door to door asking to wash windows for those they met.

What did they often hear in reply? “Yes!”

Krystal Klean’s start in Florida was sparked by their pioneering spirits.

One year after the company’s launch, Tony Morgan joined his brother and sister-in-law and they incorporated the business. In addition to window and pressure cleaning, the business provided remodeling and painting services. But they soon changed the company’s focus to solely cleaning services.

The early days of Krystal Klean

As the business’s services changed, so did the name. Seeking its business identity, the company operated under a few different titles: Morgan Brothers inc., Krystal Companies, and Krystal Klean.

But with the need for cleaning and coating services in Northeast Florida being crystal clear, it was the name Krystal Klean that most resonated with our customers and our team.

After adopting the name Krystal Klean in 2001, we acquired several small businesses, including Busy Bee, Hites Window Cleaning, and Hobbs Industries. We were able to keep approximately 90 percent of their client base and continue to grow our service offering.

Krystal Klean purchased Vision Window & Pressure Washing in 2005.

Today, Krystal Klean has grown into one of the Southeast’s leading full-service residential, industrial and commercial building care company.

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