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Painting & Waterproofing – Krystal Klean on First Coast Living

You probably knew that Krystal Klean cleaned windows and pressure washed homes and businesses. But did you know that we started as a painting company? Painting and cleaning go hand in hand and even the most expensive paint won’t perform correctly on a dirty surface. Proper surface preparation is an integral component of a quality and […]

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Before and after commercial warehouse cleaning and painting

Before Krystal Klean After Krystal Klean

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Choosing the Right Tools for Painting Your House

House Painting – Choosing the right tools Before you try to paint your house, make sure you have all the tools you need for the job. No one wants to stop halfway through a project to run back to the home improvement store for more tools! Here’s a list of supplies you’ll need before you […]

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Getting Your House Ready for Paint

You’ve decided to repaint your house! Great idea. You’ve got the paint color picked out, the paint type (latex or oil-based) – so you’re ready to start painting, right? Not so fast! There’s prep work to be done before you can get to work painting your home, and if you don’t do the prep correctly, […]

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Your Exterior Paint: Latex or Oil-Based?

When choosing a paint for your home’s exterior, there are usually two choices of paint type available to you: oil-based and latex. What’s the difference? Here’s a quick breakdown of how each type of paint works, including their strengths and weaknesses. Oil-Based: Oil-based exterior paints are often the choice of professional painters. They are extremely […]

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Choosing the Best Paint Color for Your House

Is your house looking a bit drab? Perhaps the paint is peeling, fading or simply looking old. When your house’s exterior paint starts to show its age, the entire house looks worse for the wear. But the good news is that a fresh coat of paint can do wonders to revitalize your house’s look, increase […]

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