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Concerns with pressure washing:Why it’s better to have a professional do it

Are you wanting to pressure wash your house siding, sidewalk, roof, or even your deck?  You can attempt to do this yourself but it may be better to hire a professional to do the job. Before I examine reasons why to have a professional do the pressure washing, let’s look at the benefits of pressure washing so […]

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Roof damage and your insurance company

How can you get your insurance company to pay for roof damage? This is an excellent question. Maybe you currently have roof damage but you are fearing what the insurance company is going to say after filing the claim.

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Proper care of your gutter protects your home

Not only does cleaning out your gutters look better, but it prevents rain from spilling over the gutters, creating flooding in the home. Sure, you can handle the job yourself, but who wants to drag out the ladder and spend hours in an uncomfortable position, putting yourself of risk? Instead, hire a professional gutter cleaning […]

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Power washing a roof

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The impact of algae on your roof

You have all seen mold growing on the roofs in Florida. Many of our customers have asked,” is this damaging my roof.” Having cleaned roofs for years I decided to get to the bottom of this topic, but unfortunately there are many proponents for both sides. I will present some of the facts and you […]

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