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Industrial Cleaning & High Dusting Company in Jacksonville, FL

Working in your factories around high production machinery worth millions of dollars is something you don’t invite just anyone into your facility to do. The presence of high power in these facilities is and added hazard that needs to be handled appropriately. We have cleaned and coated facilities for Johnson and Johnson, Coca cola, Bacardi and many more, and can come up with a work plan and solution for your most difficult to access cleaning and coating projects.

Reaching the Rafters, Hitting the Hard Spots

Industrial Cleaning & High Dusting

Ordinary cleaning crews can’t reach the high and hard-to-get-to places that collect dirt, debris and grime in many large buildings. The professionals of Krystal Klean are experts at cleaning all types of industrial facilities, including the pipes, beams, rafters and dusty corners.

Highly-Trained Team of Technicians

Industrial Cleaning & High Dusting

Our trained technicians understand the risks of operating equipment around expensive production lines in manufacturing facilities. Managers appreciate the certified training Krystal Klean offers to its employees, which allows them to have confidence in us and peace of mind.

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