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Industrial Pressure Washing Services

Clean contaminants like dirt, oil, grease, heavy soils, stains, rust, and graffiti from any site

image Facilities

Our pressure washers will quickly rejuvenate the floors, walls, ceilings, supports, and other areas of your facilities, making your location better for visitors and employees alike.


Keep your regularly used equipment in good working order with regular pressure washing from Krystal Klean’s team of cleaning professionals

image Machinery

Our trained team is able to clean complex machinery in ways to prevent damage, moisture, pressure, or debris from affecting its operations.

image Controls

Our precision equipment lets us clean delicate controls and other electronics.

image Parking lots

Clean debris, oil, stains, paints and other contaminants from your parking lots, making it easier to make a good first impression on customers who visit your location.

image Concrete/flatwork

Our powerful cleaning equipment can clean paint, grafitti, and stains from any wall or flatwork structure at your site.

Protect Your Facility and Infrastructure

Protect the infrastructure, equipment and environment around your facility by maintaining cleanliness with industrial-strength pressure washing, sealing, and coatings. Keeping your industrial property in its best conditions will enhance efficiency, improve safety and worker morale.

Minimal Disruptions, Maximum Safety

The Krystal Klean crew is trained, professional and detailed. We meet top industry safety standards and are licensed and insured, giving both us and our clients reassurance. Our courteous employees will work around your site’s schedule and make sure to cause minimal disruption.

Identifying the Right Solution for the Job

Our technicians know how to adjust the pressure or chemicals to meet the needs of any surfaces. Metals, concretes and woods all need different levels of pressure. And our professionals can apply different chemical sealers and treatments to further protect and enhance your industrial site’s facilities.

  • Manufacturing plants
  • Industrial facilities
  • Aircraft hangers
  • Commercial fitness centers
  • Warehouses
  • Arenas
  • School locker rooms and bathrooms
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