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Our Commitment to Safety – Avetta, OSHA and ISNetworld

Over the years we’ve learned that the safety of our teams, customers and the properties we work on is paramount. Using heavy equipment, being elevated above the ground on ladders and lifts, and working around valuable equipment, merchandise and people requires all of our staff to be trained and experienced. Krystal Klean’s technicians are regularly […]

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Dust containment and post-construction cleaning

If you are painting, cleaning or remodeling there are a few simple things you can do to make the cleanup easier, and also make the job site safer and protect your existing structure. Krystal Klean offers full service pre and post construction cleanup for homeowners and contractors. Services include dust containment plastic installation, floor and […]

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Momma’s Package – Commercial Business Cleaning

We’ve been cleaning, sealing and painting for many years. From homes to businesses we’ve served more than 10,000 customers in the greater Jacksonville, Florida area alone. One of the things we do is the routine exterior and restroom deep cleaning for area big box retailers who serve as many as 300,00 customers per month. That’s a […]

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4 Tips for a Krystal Klean Business

A clean business leaves a great first impression! Keeping a business clean is important. Even if you don’t run a restaurant or doctors office how clean and visually appealing your building and property is sends a message to your customers. At Krystal Klean we clean thousands of businesses each year. Our customers range from big […]

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Before and after commercial warehouse cleaning and painting

Before Krystal Klean After Krystal Klean

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Beore and After: Parking Garage Cleaning

You’ve probably parked in a Jacksonville parking garage that Krystal Klean has cleaned. Parking garages collect dirt, grease and grime particularly because most of the levels are not cleaned by rain. Take a look at the before and after!

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How to wash hard to reach windows

Hard to reach windows can be a challenge to clean and very unmotivating.  How can they be washed without the added hassles?  Here are some tips to help you clean your hard to reach windows.  Hard to Reach Window Cleaning Tips A microfiber cloth works great on hard to reach windows.  It’s scrubs off dirt […]

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Paint Brushes vs. Paint Rollers

Many people go into painting projects without really understanding the importance and usage of the different types of painting tools.  Are both paint brushes and paint rollers really necessary?  Originally, you’d think that using paint rollers would cut the painting time in half.  This is true if you use it correctly and over large flat […]

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Keeping your windows shiny

If your home possesses a lot of windows, you may find your current challenge is keeping them shiny.  Having bright or glossy windows is always nice when it comes to the appearance of your homes but you most definitely have to maintain this look. It’s so very easy to just spray on the Windex but […]

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