Industrial & Commercial

The Southeast's leading Industrial and Commercial building care company...


Certain jobs require precision and attention to detail. From million-dollar technical equipment to Navy helicopters, we’re equipped and experienced enough to get your sensitive job done right.

Restaurants & Big Box Retail

Sometimes the size and scope of a job requires experts with the right equipment. That’s why many leading eateries, retailers, manufacturers and sports teams call Krystal Klean.

Keep the facilities at your commercial location clean and pleasant with a regular cleaning schedule from Krystal Klean. Our team will clean, disinfect, and seal the tiles, floors, walls and mirrors, as well as shining stainless appliances and facilities.

We service bathrooms, kitchens, break rooms, shower facilities, and locker rooms. Cleanings can be done for any commercial business including big box stores, malls, office parks, gyms and warehouses.


You need a clean, coated, safe plant or warehouse, but you can’t shut down the business in the interim. That’s why for almost 20 years Krystal Klean has been trusted to clean and coat some of the world’s biggest facilities. We serve the entire Southeastern United States and beyond.

High Dusting

Cleaning above sensitive merchandise or equipment is difficult. While it’s important to keep your warehouse or showroom clean, the valuables need to be protected. That’s why we’re a leader in retail and warehousing high dusting and cleaning.

Industrial Coatings

Industrial coating requires the right product and the right know-how. Give us a call for any coating, sealing or specialty application projects.

Oil & Gas Industry

Storage tanks, transport infrastructure and marine equipment all need regular cleaning and coating. We’re experts in materials, safety and application of all types of coatings.