Soft Roof Washing



is roof washing safe for plants
Note the difference before and after washing this asphalt roof. In this case a clean roof means a cooler roof once all of the dirt and pollution has been removed
Soft Roof Washing by Krystal Klean
Tile, stucco and asphalt roofs all require periodic washing.
A roof is an important part of your building. Notice how much of the overall profile of the building is the roof.

You probably have had your driveway or even your home pressure washed.

But what about your roof?

A roof actually is not only an important visual component of your home or business, it also plays a very important role in the overall integrity and life of your structure.

Buildup of mold or pine needles or leaves can damage  your roof and result in leaks. Dirt and grime on a roof can significantly impact the solar gain or loss. In addition a stained and dirty roof can just look bad.

Washing a roof is different than standard pressure washing. It’s important to kill all of the organic material on a roof because in many cases there could be a chemical reaction going on. Certain forms of algae – for example – actually eat away at shingles.