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Serving The Southeast United States for more than 20 Years With Industrial High Dusting Services

One category of work that sets Krystal Klean apart is our High Dusting service for commercial and industrial clients.

Elevated Industrial Cleaning Service (High Dusting) is a specific service for cleaning walls and ceilings in manufacturing facilities, warehouses, commercial building atriums, and airport hangars.

Our High Dusting client portfolio includes Anheuser Busch, Pepsi, Northrop Grumman Aerospace, Ring Power Corporation, Johnson & Johnson, and many others.

High Dusting is the removal of organic build-up (dust, dirt, cobwebs) and non-organic build-up (oil, grease, exhaust) from walls, ceilings, decking, joists, beams, columns, HVAC, light fixtures, insulation, fire suppression systems, duct work, vents, and crane rails.

Depending on the type of build-up, cleaning methods will utilize special HEPA-filtered vacuums, dusters, or hand scrubbing. Areas not directly accessible to be cleaned by hand are reached with dusters on tall poles.

High Dusting technicians are trained and certified to use ladders, aerial lifts (boom, scissor, articulating, atrium) or RDS (Rope Descent System) for surface access. Technicians follow lock-out, tag-out procedure for any cleaning service involving a crane rail or other electrical components.


Above: Krystal Klean team members perform high dusting – a service which uses HEPA vacuums to remove all dust from a facility.

Sensitive equipment below the cleaning area is covered with plastic or visqueen. Floors are protected and cleaned up at the end of every shift. Used rags, vacuum bags, and sundries are disposed of in accordance with customer Environmental, Health & Safety policies.

“Many people know Krystal Klean as a window cleaning company. Today we are a team of more than 100 highly trained technicians and do full exterior restoration, industrial cleaning and coating…”

Ryan Lowe – Industrial and Commercial Team Lead

Technicians fill out Working-At-Height permits, pre-use PPE (personal protective equipment) inspections, and pre-use equipment inspections. PPE worn during high dusting would include safety glasses, hard hats, harnesses, lanyards, face shields, and respirators. The crew Leader daily communicates progress with customer and requests inspection of completed areas.

Our primary company values are respect, integrity and humility. These values are what creates high quality work that meets the highest standards, for clients such as the Mayo Clinic. Their medical storage facility has the highest possible sanitation and inventory control standards.

The particular requirements of our clients often require that our High Dusting service needs to operate carefully in a customized process as we clean all of the interior walls, ceilings and floors with minimal disruption to our client’s day to day operations.

Our state of the art lift equipment, high capacity HEPA-filtered industrial vacuum cleaners, and our commitment to comprehensive operator training are the factors that set us apart from other High Dusting service companies.

Our skilled technicians and superior tools enable us to efficiently and thoroughly clean every square inch of surface area quickly, minimizing disruptions to our client’s normal daily operations. Because of our superior equipment and training we can complete a challenging High Dusting project in a few hours, which would otherwise take multiple days with a crew using just ladders or scaffolding. 

Our efficiency also makes us nimble. We often get urgent response calls from clients with sensitive facilities that require immediate High Dusting service, and we can usually deploy the work crew in a matter of hours.

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