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Waterproofing can save you money

One of the most costly issues a building can have is caused from water getting in and causing damage to the various building materials. Water intrusion is responsible for rust, spauling concrete, rotten wood, and mold developing. Although Krystal Klean started as a painting remodeling company, we got into waterproofing on accident. For years, we were hanging […]

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How often should commercial windows be cleaned?

Storefront windows are a great way to enhance curbside appeal, providing they are cleaned on a regular basis. After all, no customer wants to shop at a “dirty” store. But just how often should commercial windows be cleaned? Unfortunately, there’s no one right answer to this question and instead, it depends on a few factors. […]

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Proper care of your gutter protects your home

Not only does cleaning out your gutters look better, but it prevents rain from spilling over the gutters, creating flooding in the home. Sure, you can handle the job yourself, but who wants to drag out the ladder and spend hours in an uncomfortable position, putting yourself of risk? Instead, hire a professional gutter cleaning […]

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