Before and After: Pressure Washing Brick and Asphalt Shingles

We sometimes get the question – can you pressure wash ________?

The answer is YES! However, each application may require varying techniques and equipment.

Our pressure washing trucks each have a customized heating tank, all of our water is pre-filtered prior to use to leave a streak and spot-free surface, and all of our team members are trained in how to properly use the equipment and cleaning agents for each particular material. We have different soaps, wands and other tools and techniques to reach and clean just about anything.

Our soft roof washing service uses a lower pressure wash and an eco-friendly system for recovering run-off and killing organic materials while protecting your vegetation. Our commercial and industrial teams are equipped to remove even the most difficult stains from large surfaces like parking lots and building exteriors.

We offer full-service sealing and waterproofing as well, which sometimes can be very important on recently pressure washed surfaces such as decks, fences, and walkways.

Surfaces such as brick and asphalt (below) require care to not damage shingles and mortar. Asphalt in particular can be a haven for black algae and mold, both of which actually feed on the roofing materials.

Our advice: call us. We have the equipment and expertise to quickly and easily pressure wash your home or business. We’re trained, insured and licensed and most pressure washing projects start at just $0.10/sf.

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