Free Concrete Water Intrusion Inspections

As you know Krystal Klean is one of the Southeast’s leading building care companies. Over the last 20 years, we’ve grown to almost 100 team members and have a fleet of equipment ready to serve 24/7.

One of the biggest areas of growth for our company has been in sealing and coating. Water intrusion is a constant issue in Florida and the Southeast.

Recently, we’ve been getting questions specifically about concrete care. Cracked or chipped concrete on parking structures and buildings can lead to additional spalling. 

As the water works it’s way into these cracks, the damage can increase and actually lead to structural damage and major repair costs. 

  • Make sure there is no vegetation within 5 feet of your building. Branches and foliage hold moisture and increase the chance of spalling concrete.
  • Choose the correct products. There are many products and it is important to select one which properly adheres to your building. 

Sealing brick and concrete prevents moisture which leads to spalling concrete. 

Contact us to have a team member conduct a free thorough survey of your building and parking structures and let you know of any potential issues. 

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