What to do about hard water stains

Hard water is common is Northeast Florida. Lime and other minerals exist in the water. Many sprinklers are fed from shallow wells which are particularly full of staining minerals. Tony and Ben from Krystal Klean have seen their share of hard water stains and have a few tips to help you deal with hard water on your home or windows.

Tips for dealing with hard water stains

1. Check your sprinklers. Adjust any spray patterns that are hitting siding or windows.
2. If you have hard water stains there are ways to remove them.
3. Acid washes are an option but not ideal. The acid can damage the window and it’s also difficult to work with.
4. The most common solution is to use a low-speed pumice scrub where we actually sand the hard water from the glass.
5. Ben recommends a product called Sanishield which puts a coating on the glass.

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