Krystal Klean Announces Acquisition of Reflections Window & Pressure Washing and Spray-Wash

Krystal Klean acquires two additional companies...

Krystal Klean, the Southeast’s leading building care company – and a subsidiary of FLEETWASH – announced the finalization of two additional acquisitions. The company has purchased Reflections Window & Pressure Washing of Jacksonville, Florida and Spray-Wash of Tallahassee Fl. These represent the 121st and 122nd acquisitions by the group.

The move comes after Krystal Klean joined forces with FLEETWASH on June 1, 2019. The organization leverages the significant reach and shared operational efficiencies to acquire and grow niche or smaller building care and cleaning companies throughout the United States.

“Reflections is one of the most trusted window cleaning and pressure washing companies in Jacksonville – with more than 300 positive reviews and a 5 star rating. Spray-Wash has an extensive reach in the Tallahassee area and with a shared vision we are looking forward to helping grow both of these organizations,” said Krystal Klean’s Jeremy Morgan.

There will be no change for existing customers to either business and key personnel will remain with each company.

“If you have a cleaning or coating business with annual revenues between $2M and $200M we’d like to talk,” said Mr. Morgan. “Come join the FLEETWASH family.”

Above: Krystal Klean with members of the Reflections team.
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