In the near future: solar roofs

A roof is not only an important part of your home’s structure, it also makes up a big part of how your home looks. Thanks to an innovative new product from Solar City and Tesla, your roof could also soon become a source of power.

Because of their orientation roofs have always been a place to mount external solar panels. Placing solar panels on a roof has been a common practice for years but historically panels have been large and highly visible. In addition only a portion of the roof’s surface could be used to capture solar energy. Until now.

Solar panel embedded roofing panels?

solar roof
Solar Roofing Panels come in a variety of styles to match traditional roofing. Source: Tesla

Tesla founder Elon Musk introduced prototypes of a new type of solar panel embedded synthetic roof shingle or tile. The product was introduced in a mock village and demonstrated several different styles of roofing. The material he demonstrated as well as the finished homes looked very much like higher-end roofing such as slate.

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