Northeast Florida Spring Planting Calendar

tulipsAccording to the official planting guide published by the University of Florida, March is the month to start pruning, preparing beds and fertilizing your lawn.

As it warms further into April fix those dead spots and for good shrub growth try pruning right before the plants start to bud.

Here is a great calendar for starting vegetables in Northeast Florida with excerpts below:


  • Cool season vegetables such as mustard greens, turnips, and collards may still be planted.
  • Plant seeds of green beans, corn, carrots, lettuce, butter beans, cucumbers, and other warm weather vegetables.
  • Set out transplants of tomatoes, and peppers, Be prepared to cover in case of a late frost.
  • Mound up soil around potato stems to protect tubers from sun damage.
  • Plant seeds or transplants of basil, oregano, dill, and lemon balm.


  • Plant seeds of green beans, okra, squash, corn, carrots, lettuce, butter beans, and cucumbers.  Check the seed packet or University of Florida “Vegetable Gardening Guide” for correct planting depth.
  • Transplant tomatoes, peppers, onions, and other vegetables if you did not in March.  Moisten the soil before removing the transplant from the container.
  • Plant gourd seeds in rich organic soil one inch deep.  Give them plenty of room to climb.
  • Stake tomatoes at the time of planting or soon after with a rigid stake that is at least five feet tall.  This will help keep fruit off the ground.



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