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Coating and Caulking Tip – Choosing the right product

While coating or caulking a building choosing a product that has a 10-20 year life span is important as labor is generally the most expensive part of the job. That $12 tube of caulking may give your sticker shock, but it is likely worth it in the end.  

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How to Effectively Touch up Painted Walls

So it’s been a few years since you painted your walls.  Could it use a touch up?  I found some excellent tips on how this can be achieved effectively without going overboard.  Maybe you have scuffs or paint chips, etc., these tips will help you take care of the problem in a heart-beat. Touch Up Tips […]

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Paint Brushes vs. Paint Rollers

Many people go into painting projects without really understanding the importance and usage of the different types of painting tools.  Are both paint brushes and paint rollers really necessary?  Originally, you’d think that using paint rollers would cut the painting time in half.  This is true if you use it correctly and over large flat […]

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How to maintain a brick patio

If you have a brick patio in your backyard, you may be curious as how to maintain it’s appearance and usage.  Realistically, maintaining a brick patio is actually easier than one may think.  Here is all you need to get the job done: A bucket Bleach Water According to eHow are are some effective cleaning […]

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How to lay a brick walkway

Are you looking to add a creative look to the exterior of your home?  How about a nice brick walkway?  It can be done but with time, patience and much effort.  It’s an excellent DIY project.  A brick walkway can last for years and does not require a whole lot of maintenance. What you will […]

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How to keep your painted walls clean

This is can a very difficult job to manage especially if you have white, off-white, or beige walls.  For certain, dirt can show it’s ugly face and if not properly maintained it can become difficult to keep up with causing the appearance to be very unsightly.  Here are a few tips on how you can […]

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Pros and Cons of Landscaping

Are you contemplating landscaping your home?  Maybe you are thinking about a good ole “DIY” project or just hiring a professional to complete the job.  Whatever you decide there are some pros and cons of landscaping that you may want to consider before moving forward. Pros of Landscaping Landscaping adds a breath of fresh air […]

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Painting your home to sell

Are you getting ready to sell your home?  Have you considered adding a fresh paint of coat to possibly raise the value of your home?  If you haven’t you may want to think again.  Cosmetic painting is just what your home may need to obtain some potential buyers.  If you think about it, if you […]

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Causes of peeling paint

Are you tired of completing a painting project only to see that it has started peeling only weeks later?  It is definitely an annoying experience and can pose the question:” What on earth causes paint to peel?”  It has been said that usually it is the plaster and not the paint itself. Here are a few reasons […]

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Power washing during the autumn season

Is the exterior of your home needing a good power wash right about now?  Though mold, mildew, dirt, grime, and sludge can build up in time throughout the year you may find that power washing the outside of your home can be done efficietly in the autumn months.   I understand that the good state of […]

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