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Choosing the Right Tools for Painting Your House

Before you try to paint your house, make sure you have all the tools you need for the job. No one wants to stop halfway through a project to run back to the home improvement store for more tools! Here’s a list of supplies you’ll need before you get started: 1. Tools for preparing your […]

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Getting Your House Ready for Paint

You’ve decided to repaint your house! Great idea. You’ve got the paint color picked out, the paint type (latex or oil-based) – so you’re ready to start painting, right? Not so fast! There’s prep work to be done before you can get to work painting your home, and if you don’t do the prep correctly, […]

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Your Exterior Paint: Latex or Oil-Based?

When choosing a paint for your home’s exterior, there are usually two choices of paint type available to you: oil-based and latex. What’s the difference? Here’s a quick breakdown of how each type of paint works, including their strengths and weaknesses. Oil-Based: Oil-based exterior paints are often the choice of professional painters. They are extremely […]

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Choosing the Best Paint Color for Your House

Is your house looking a bit drab? Perhaps the paint is peeling, fading or simply looking old. When your house’s exterior paint starts to show its age, the entire house looks worse for the wear. But the good news is that a fresh coat of paint can do wonders to revitalize your house’s look, increase […]

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Coating and Caulking Tip – Choosing the right product

While coating or caulking a building choosing a product that has a 10-20 year life span is important as labor is generally the most expensive part of the job. That $12 tube of caulking may give your sticker shock, but it is likely worth it in the end.  

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Tour our shop!

We offer tours of our office to customers for one reason: We want to demonstrate how we work to keep our own house in order. We have found many customers enjoy the transparency of our systems and the care we take to ensure order at home – in our training yard, therefore we look forward to seeing […]

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We’re thankful for you!

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching. Along with you, the staff members at Krystal Klean are taking the time to reflect on the many things they have to be thankful for. The Morgan family, who own and operate Krystal Klean, are so thankful for their friends, family, employees, partners, vendors and the wonderful community here in Northeast Florida. […]

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Easy Window Cleaning Tips

Is it time for some new window cleaning methods and techniques?  I have recently found some amazing tips from PCH that can really help with window cleaning maintenance.   You may be thinking, wait! Publishers Clearinghouse has window cleaning tips?  Yes, thanks to their tip page, you may find these useful as well. Cleaning Tips Cornstartch and dishsoap is […]

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How to Effectively Touch up Painted Walls

So it’s been a few years since you painted your walls.  Could it use a touch up?  I found some excellent tips on how this can be achieved effectively without going overboard.  Maybe you have scuffs or paint chips, etc., these tips will help you take care of the problem in a heart-beat. Touch Up Tips […]

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DIY Window Treatments

Are your windows needing some TLC?  Here is a project you can get away easily by doing yourself without the added hassles or headaches.  You most definitely want a room to be vibrant and inviting correct?  Here are some DIY tips and tricks for window treatments that you may find very useful: Considering sheers?  These […]

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