5 Signs Your Exterior Needs a Fresh Coat of Paint

Outstanding curb appeal is just as import as the decor inside. If you have chipped paint and broken windows, your neighbors will assume you have a dingy interior to match. If you’ve started to contemplate painting your house, here are five clear signs you should get started right away:

Sign #1: You’re About to List Your House

This is a purely cosmetic home update that just might boost the resale value. Look into the current trends and chat with a Krystal Klean team member to identify home buyer preferences. For example, distressed white brick often yields more interest than red brick. 

This concept also applies to your front door and shutters. Pops of color are a great idea when selling your house to catch the eye of people driving by. 

Sign #2: Visible Deterioration

Unlike the first sign on this list, a home that looks worn might have underlying issues. If the boards on your house appear to be shrinking or show obvious cracks, your home may have dry rot. It’s important to partner with a professional to assess the wood and evaluate your options. 

Sign #3: A Significant Amount of Time Has Passed

You don’t have to wait until your house looks outdated to give it a fresh coat of paint. Just like it’s smart to replace your HVAC before it totally goes out, it’s also wise to paint your house before it’s absolutely necessary. 

So, how often should you paint your home? Every five-to-10 years is safe for the exterior, depending on the quality of paint you use and the surface material. Stucco is more frequent at five-to-six years, aluminum every five years and wood every three-to-seven years. 

Sign #4: You Just Built a New House

Most new houses receive one coat of paint after construction. This single layer of paint likely won’t remain spotless for long. It’s smart to budget for your home to be painted after a few years of ownership.

It’s simple math. If your new house is about five years old, you may want to spend some money on a professional paint job. The Krystal Klean professionals can evaluate the state of your home and let you know if a fresh coat of paint is necessary. 

Sign #5: Your Home Has Fallen Victim to Chalking

Chalking isn’t always obvious with just a glance. Run your fingers along the side of your home and check for a chalk-like residue. If you notice powder on your hands, this is a clear sign your house is chalking. 

Chalking is the result of years of sun exposure, harsh weather and temperamental Florida elements. It can cause respiratory problems and harm to the environment, so a fresh coat of paint is the obvious next step. 

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