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Above: A Jacksonville area clubhouse gets a special roof cleaning. Pressure washing a roof involves a unique process and can be vital in the protection of your roof. Call 904.220.3337 for a free estimate.

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Roof washing is a form of pressure washing. The cleanliness of your roof adds to the beauty of your building but it also helps protect it’s life but it also requires a special process.

Organic matter and debris from storms can easily build up on a roof. This can consist of mold, algae and organic matter. These materials need to be killed while the roof is being cleaned as a whole.

Black Streaks from Bacteria

Roof washing is actually very common in Florida because of the black streaks caused by a bacteria called Gleocapsa Magma. This bacteria feeds on the materials in a roof and thrives in hot climates. Often areas of shade or near a tree branch will be more visible. These streaks are not only unsightly, they can also lead to damage to a roof and need to be cleaned at a minimum each year.

black streaks roof washing
Black streaks like this are caused by a bacteria found in hot climates.

Organic Matter

Algae, molds, mildews, and lychens all feed on the base materials in most roofs. The cracks between shingles can become the perfect breeding ground for a variety of organisms and not only cause the roof to look bad but can also physically eat away at the material. Imagine millions of tiny organisms feeding on your roof. This can cause leaks and eventually lead to your roof needing to be replaced.

A softer approach to pressure cleaning

Pressure washing a roof involves a much softer approach than siding or a flat surface. Typically a roof is initially treated with a special chemical process to address any organic growth, kill bacteria and serve as a light bleach on the roof.

After the organic material has been eliminated a soft pressure wash is applied.

Costs are estimated based on the size and complexity of the roof to be cleaned.

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