Black algae and roof washing

If you live in the southeastern United States you have probably seen roofs stained with black streaks. There is a common misconception that is the result of pollution. Although particles from the air can stain and discolor roofs and buildings, the most common source of black streaks on roofs – particularly in an area like Northeast Florida  – is algae.

Specifically this algae is called Gloeocapsa magma and has gained notoriety in the Southeastern United States for the streaks it forms when gravity pulls the organism down the roof.

black roof streaks
The black streaks you see on roofs is caused by a very damaging algae.

Unfortunately these algae spores are doing more than just making your home look dirty.

The algae is actually feeding on the limestone in the roof. Limestone is a common filler ingredient in today’s asphalt/fiberglass roofing shingles and the biological process associated with the growth of these spores can eat away at your roof and also impact the overall ultraviolet reflectivity of your structure.

Fortunately Krystal Klean has developed a low cost and safe way to treat this algae before it impacts the integrity of your home or business.

As part of our process we’ll start with a no-obligation estimate of what needs to be done to remove all organic material from your roof. We have a variety of lifts and special pressure washing equipment which makes the roof pressure washing process safe for your roof – and for our team members.

The roof is first treated for organic matter and then gently washed to restore it to it’s original condition and prevent additional biological growth.

Our expert advice: Keep your roof clear of debris and organic matter to extend it’s life and beautify your home. Because those black streaks don’t just look bad – they are slowly eating away at your shingles!

Black algae
Black streaks on roofs are typically caused by a type of roof-eating algae.


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