Tour our shop!

We offer tours of our office to customers for one reason: We want to demonstrate how we work to keep our own house in order. We have found many customers enjoy the transparency of our systems and the care we take to ensure order at home – in our training yard, therefore we look forward to seeing you on our own turf.

We at Krystal Klean are happy to serve you, assisting you to keep your own home or business in order.  We always try to offer you fair and competitive prices for quality services.

We will always strive to make you a happy customer and will not sign off on the job before we know that you are.

You are welcome to visit our office and grounds.

We believe the quality of the workmanship you receive begins the moment our employees begin with us.  We take seriously the responsibility of choosing the right teams, training them in the skills they require, and providing them with work.  We regularly hold training meetings to keep each employee on the cutting edge of government-mandated safely rules. We are proud of our team.

We look forward to seeing you at our shop. Give us a call to schedule a visit.

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