Easy Window Cleaning Tips

Is it time for some new window cleaning methods and techniques?  I have recently found some amazing tips from PCH that can really help with window cleaning maintenance.   You may be thinking, wait! Publishers Clearinghouse has window cleaning tips?  Yes, thanks to their tip page, you may find these useful as well.

Cleaning Tips

  • Cornstartch and dishsoap is a great DIY window cleaner concoction, especially if you find you are on a tight budget.  This may be effective on newer windows rather than older windows.
  • Make use of coffee filters other than coffee.  This are known to work better than paper towel when it comes to drying.  With this method you can kiss lint and streaks goodbye.
  • Want another streak-free option?  Old T-Shirts are also great for drying.
  • Newspapers are great for buffing and leaving no streaks after a thorough window washing.
  • Apply some glass wax after cleaning your windows. Allow the glass wax to dry and buff away with one of the drying alternatives above.

You will honestly be suprised by the outcome of these tips.  These are also great for when you are in a hurry and have dinner guests on their way over.

Source: PCH

Image: Wikimedia Commons-Evan-Amos



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