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Easy Window Cleaning Tips

Is it time for some new window cleaning methods and techniques?  I have recently found some amazing tips from PCH that can really help with window cleaning maintenance.   You may be thinking, wait! Publishers Clearinghouse has window cleaning tips?  Yes, thanks to their tip page, you may find these useful as well. Cleaning Tips Cornstartch and dishsoap is […]

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How to wash hard to reach windows

Hard to reach windows can be a challenge to clean and very unmotivating.  How can they be washed without the added hassles?  Here are some tips to help you clean your hard to reach windows.  Hard to Reach Window Cleaning Tips A microfiber cloth works great on hard to reach windows.  It’s scrubs off dirt […]

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Keeping your windows shiny

If your home possesses a lot of windows, you may find your current challenge is keeping them shiny.  Having bright or glossy windows is always nice when it comes to the appearance of your homes but you most definitely have to maintain this look. It’s so very easy to just spray on the Windex but […]

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How to wash second story windows on your home

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What to use for washing window sills

Part of your spring cleaning routine most likely includes washing your windows.  What about window sills?  It is so easy to forget about this part of a window but it should also be thoroughly cleaned.  What is the best way to wash a window sill and what should be used to get the job done?  Here […]

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