How to wash hard to reach windows

Hard to reach windows can be a challenge to clean and very unmotivating.  How can they be washed without the added hassles?  Here are some tips to help you clean your hard to reach windows.

 Hard to Reach Window Cleaning Tips

  • A microfiber cloth works great on hard to reach windows.  It’s scrubs off dirt and grime nicely without the additional scrubbing efforts.
  • You could use a jet pack but keep in mind this potentially could make the windows dirtier.  It’s all how you approach the situation.
  • Try using a tool with a cloth on a stick.  The tool is attached to a telescoping pole which makes it easy to attach a cloth like that of a microfiber cloth.
  • You can get two sizes of window washing tools; large and small.

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Source: Simply Good Stuff

Image: Wikimedia Commons

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