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High-rise Rope Safety Training

A big thank-you to Green Building Maintenance Services for conducting a high-rise safety training workshop for the Krystal Klean team. View the Facebook Album below:

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Call early for holiday cleaning!


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A blessed 2016 to all!

As 2015 drew to a close we at Krystal Klean would like to pause and reflect on some of the monumental events that occurred over the past year. Blessing have abounded and so many of our friends and customers have contributed- we are so grateful. Left to Right: Dennis Morgan, Jeremy Morgan and Mac Sebald.  […]

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How is Black Mold Affecting your Home?

Here’s the scoop on black mold and how it hurts not only your home, but your health as well. Black mold is one of the most heard of toxic molds because it grows in and on the exterior of houses and is extremely dangerous to humans. Some of the many reported illnesses associated with black […]

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Teaching the next generation of window cleaners and pressure washers

Krystal Klean owners spend some time with a few Jacksonville area students to cover the basics of window cleaning. We’d love to stay connected via our company Facebook page.

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Tour our shop!

We offer tours of our office to customers for one reason: We want to demonstrate how we work to keep our own house in order. We have found many customers enjoy the transparency of our systems and the care we take to ensure order at home – in our training yard, therefore we look forward to seeing […]

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Easy Window Cleaning Tips

Is it time for some new window cleaning methods and techniques?  I have recently found some amazing tips from PCH that can really help with window cleaning maintenance.   You may be thinking, wait! Publishers Clearinghouse has window cleaning tips?  Yes, thanks to their tip page, you may find these useful as well. Cleaning Tips Cornstartch and dishsoap is […]

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DIY Window Treatments

Are your windows needing some TLC?  Here is a project you can get away easily by doing yourself without the added hassles or headaches.  You most definitely want a room to be vibrant and inviting correct?  Here are some DIY tips and tricks for window treatments that you may find very useful: Considering sheers?  These […]

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Keeping your windows shiny

If your home possesses a lot of windows, you may find your current challenge is keeping them shiny.  Having bright or glossy windows is always nice when it comes to the appearance of your homes but you most definitely have to maintain this look. It’s so very easy to just spray on the Windex but […]

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How to wash second story windows on your home

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