Choosing the Right Tools for Painting Your House

House Painting – Choosing the right tools

Before you try to paint your house, make sure you have all the tools you need for the job. No one wants to stop halfway through a project to run back to the home improvement store for more tools! Here’s a list of supplies you’ll need before you get started:

1. Tools for preparing your exterior for paint: As we mentioned before, prepping your walls is vital to a good paint job. In order to make your walls paint-ready, you’ll probably need a scraper and a wire brush for removing peeling paint. To make the surface truly smooth, have sandpaper handy, and follow that with a damp cloth for the dust. Also, be sure to fill any holes or cracks with putty or caulk, and sand that once it dries, as well.

2. Rollers and Spray Guns: For the big, wide walls of your home’s exterior, a roller or paint sprayer is probably best; a brush would take far too long! For truly big jobs, you can rent or buy a spray gun at a home improvement store, and with a little practice, you can work quickly to apply the paint. If you prefer a roller, be sure to choose one that is compatible with the paint type you chose (latex or oil-based) and get an extending handle if you have high places to reach. Use a paint tray to load the roller with paint, and reload it often to ensure the paint goes on evenly and smoothly.

3. Brushes – While you won’t want to use a brush for a large wall, brushes are ideal for small surfaces, trim, doors, corners and other tricky spots. Again, choose a brush that works with your paint type, and also pay attention to the size of the brush you choose: even a 4 or 5-inch brush might be too large for the small areas you’ll need to touch up. You may want to get more than one size of brush so that you have some options handy for every need.

4. Dropcloths and Tarps – Have plastic sheeting on hand for protecting plants, porches and other areas that you don’t want to accidentally paint. Dropcloths are fairly inexpensive and can go a long way toward avoiding a big cleanup later.

5. Cleaning and Protecting – If you’re using oil-based paint, you’ll want to have mineral spirits available for cleaning your brushes and rollers. Also, consider using a mask and protective eyewear when painting, especially if using a sprayer. Wear old clothes or a smock to avoid ruining your clothes, and stock up on plain dry cloths that can be used for everything from wiping away stray paint to cleaning off a dirty surface.

The right tools for the project can give you the best chance for a beautiful result, so be sure you’re prepared! If you need professional assistance making your home look its best, contact the pros at Krystal Klean and let them take on your paint job. You won’t be disappointed!

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