Getting Your House Ready for Paint

You’ve decided to repaint your house! Great idea. You’ve got the paint color picked out, the paint type (latex or oil-based) – so you’re ready to start painting, right? Not so fast! There’s prep work to be done before you can get to work painting your home, and if you don’t do the prep correctly, your paint job will not end well.

Follow these steps to ensure that your house is prepped and ready for a fresh coat of paint:

1. Make sure you know exactly which parts of the house you’ll be painting – scope them out in advance and be sure to have enough paint on hand for what you’re doing.

2. Get any mud, mold, etc. off your house, otherwise you’ll just be painting the mud, not the house. A pressure washer works great for getting your home’s surface clean, and you can rent one at most home improvement stores. Once you’re done washing the house, be sure it is completely dry before moving to the next step.

3. You don’t have to remove the house’s last layer of paint, but be sure to take off any paint peels or obviously cracked paint that’s separating from the house. A handheld scraper is great for this. Then sand down any peeling areas so that the surface is smooth for paint.

4. Use painter’s tape to cover any edges that you don’t want painted, such as trim and shutters. Also, use a plastic dropcloth to protect your plants and landscaping from stray paint droplets. Your house will look much better if the bushes don’t end up the same color as the siding.

5. Check your tools – There are brushes and rollers designed for oil-based paints, and different ones designed for latex. Use the tool that matches your paint, and don’t skimp on the quality. The better the brush or roller, the better your paint will look when it’s done, and the easier the job will be. You might want to consider renting or buying a paint sprayer if you have a very large job on your hands (just be sure to follow all the instructions when using the sprayer).

5. For the best results, use a coat of primer over your house before painting it with the final color. Primer helps paint go on smoothly and evenly, and it prevents imperfections from coming through the paint later.

6. Watch the weather! Don’t try to paint if the weather looks to be wet, humid or too cold. You want dry, warm conditions for the best paint job possible.

Use these tips to make your house as paint-ready as it can be, and you’ll be in great shape for a spectacular result. Of course, Krystal Klean’s house painting pros can handle all of your exterior painting tasks for you, from the prep work to the cleanup, so if you want to hand off your job to the best team in town, give them a call!

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