Does the type of paint you use make a difference?

Believe it or not the type of paint you use absolutely makes a difference.  Why?  Well a good example of this would be using paint that you would use on metal buildings on a baby’s nursery.  You definitely do not want to make this mistake as there is a variety of paint out there for specific projects.  Let me break down different kinds of paint that you would use on specific  projects to give you an idea how it makes a difference.

Paint for a picket fence

Liquid fence rubberized coating is ideal for painting a picket fence.  The coating is fortified and used on barns, stalls, sheds, and fences.

Water-based paint

This type of paint will work for picket fences as it works well with changing weather conditions.  It also dries very quickly

Oil-based exterior paint

This particular paint blocks stains which you want for your picket fence.

Paint for bookshelves

Latexis perfect for bookshelves as it is easier to clean up since it is water soluble.

Oil-based is nice for painting a bookshelf as it avoids sticking but it may be harder to keep clean.

Powder-Coated finish is mainly for book collectors who want to see their bookshelves last a long time.

Paint for painting your kitchen

According to eHow “choosing the right paint for your kitchen is a complex task.”  If you want the best quality go with Behr or Glidden available at most home improvement stores.

Try to find the kind that prevents molding and mildew stains. This is a plus, especially for your kitchen where you are preparing food.

Go with a semi-gloss finish for the walls.  It’s easy to keep clean.  For the doorways and trim try using a high gloss finish.

As you can see, the type of paint you use makes a difference depending on the room or project.

What is your experience with paint?  Any tips and advice?  How about paint disasters.  Please share your stories with us.

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