Household tips for streak free glass and windows

Washing windows or anything that contains glass can be a challenging task.  How so?  Well, how many times after washing your windows etc., have you encountered nasty streaks?  Streaks are fortunately easy to prevent with a little attention to detail.  Here are some handy tips to avoid those unsightly streaks according to Handy Household Hints.

Streak Free Tips

  • The best tip I have heard and never knew until today is to never clean your windows while the sun is hitting them.  Why?  Apparently, the sun’s heat causes the cleaning solution to dry quickly which causes the streaks to appear.  Makes sense doesn’t it?
  • Always use different strokes on each side of the glass to avoid streaking.  Rubbing all over in every direction is a sure way to stir up those streaks in the glass.
  • What about dirt, grease, or soil on the windows? Simple, handy household hints tell you to combine 1/4 cup of water and ammonia.  Rubbing alcohol and, ammonia, and water can also do the trick including your car windows.
  • Vinegar and 2 quarts of warm water work great on items that contain glass like fish aquariums.
  • It is also said that just a little bit of baking soda and a damp sponge or cloth will go a long way to getting your glass clean, shiny, and streak free.  You can also polish the cleaned glass with a lint-free cloth.

For more tips on how to keep any type of glass in your house clean, shiny, and streak free go to Cleaning

Do you have any household tricks that keep your windows and glass clean, shiny, and streak free?  Please feel free to share with us what works for you.

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