Momma’s Package – Commercial Business Cleaning

We’ve been cleaning, sealing and painting for many years. From homes to businesses we’ve served more than 10,000 customers in the greater Jacksonville, Florida area alone.

One of the things we do is the routine exterior and restroom deep cleaning for area big box retailers who serve as many as 300,00 customers per month.

That’s a lot of people in and out, in the parking lot, using restrooms and continuously making a building and and property very dirty. While most businesses have in-house cleaning staff and or are doing periodic cleaning it’s useful to have us come in with our high-pressure and high-temp pressure washing rigs and really clean and sanitize.

Momma’s Package Commercial Business Cleaning

Like most people we learned how to clean from our mother and grandmothers. This is one of the reasons we use our mother as a standard. If she owned the business we’d have a minimum list for bi-monthly or weekly deep cleans.

Front of store
Remove gum, oil stains and low-lying dirt and grime via pressure washing. Wash main windows and doors.  This includes the sign key entrance and exit areas.

Our heated pressure washing rig uses 250 degree water and suction to clean and remove dirty water. Our system was developed by property managers in Las Vegas.

Smoke area
Remove butts, pressure wash area.

Pull back dumpsters and pressure wash dirt, oil and grease.

Your specific needs might vary. The goal is to work with you to provide a regular, efficient cleaning which leaves your business looking clean and sanitary. Call us at 904.220.3337 to schedule a free walk-through or to schedule your first cleaning.


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