4 Tips for a Krystal Klean Business

A clean business leaves a great first impression!

Keeping a business clean is important. Even if you don’t run a restaurant or doctors office how clean and visually appealing your building and property is sends a message to your customers.

At Krystal Klean we clean thousands of businesses each year. Our customers range from big box retailers to small specialty stores. Each business is different but here are a few tips for keeping your business clean and inviting to buyers.

1. Windows

Krystal Klean offers route window cleaning. You have probably seen our yellow trucks around. Usually, we’re cleaning multiple businesses at a location at the same time. Route cleaning can be done weekly, monthly or at other intervals or needed. Most storefronts have large windows that showcase the retail environment and it’s important and actually very cost effective to keep these looking good inside and out.

2. Parking Lots and Walkways

The next time you go to a business note the cleanliness level of the front walkways, entrances and parking lots. Are they covered in gum spots and oil? These areas are often the first experience a customer has with your business. Our special high-temp pressure washing rigs remove this grime without the use of harmful chemicals and leave your property fresh and healthy. And we can clean a property in a fraction of the time that it would take you or your staff.

3. Bathrooms

Many businesses clean their bathrooms on a regular basis but these are areas that generally can benefit from a deep steam cleaning. Particularly in high-traffic locations, bathrooms can quickly become difficult areas to keep sanitary and usually, it’s not something staff members want to do. We offer night and off-hour cleaning services and can transform a break room or restroom by cleaning the floors, stalls and even walls. Hand cleaning doesn’t always remove tough stains years worth of dirt. Let the pros do your dirty work!

4. Dumpster Areas

Have you ever been to a fancy restaurant and seen a grease trap or dumpster (and or smoking area) that is in sight of the dining area? Particularly in Florida, these are especially important areas to keep clean. Spilled grease and garbage attracts animals and insects and also can smell badly.  Dumpster areas need to be routinely washed down to keep them looking and smelling good.

Whether you are a small business or a big retailer we’re here to help. Our crews are trained and equipped to transform your property into a clean, sanitary and inviting environment with minimal interruption to your customers or staff.

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