The Krystal Klean Mobile Water Filtration Plant

If you’ve ever driven by Krystal Klean’s headquarters on Atlantic Boulevard you may have noticed some large shipping containers stacked together near the back of the property.

One of them (pictured below) actually warehouses our very own water filtration system. Each day our trucks are filled with crystal clear softened filtered water which is used on all of our pressure washing and soft roof washing jobs.


Above: Krystal Klean team members fill their trucks with filtered water for the day’s jobs.

The water in Northeast Florida is some of the  hardest in the nation as it comes from the Floridian Aquifer which is a large underground limestone cave which covers most of the Southern United States and provides drinking water for more than 10 million people.

Most of the Southeast is served by the Floridan Aquifer which provides drinking water for more than 10M people.

Even though municipal water is treated for drinking before it reaches the spout, it still contains large amounts of minerals including calcium and magnesium.

Other than building up residue in pipes, showers and dishwashers, hard water is generally harmless.

However in our business – the goal is remove residue, not add to it.  And pumping hard water onto a building as part of the cleaning process  leaves a residue on the exterior siding and windows.

After years of trying other filtration solutions we’ve finally developed our own. This facility runs 24/7 to filter 7,000-10,000 gallons of water per day.

Jeremy Morgan, co-founder of Krystal Klean, worked with engineers to spearhead the project:

“We’ve found it significantly speeds up our cleaning process and leaves a true spot free finish. In many cases unless an exterior has been neglected we can clean with little to no chemicals. After spending thousands of dollars on systems that didn’t work, we decided to build our own.”

In addition to a proprietary 7-step process, there are multiple sensors throughout the system which provide real-time feedback on each phase of the filtration.

The system brings hard Florida water from 300-500 parts per million to zero. 

While the process takes additional time and money, it provides a true ‘spot-free’ cleaning for your building.

For more information about this system or to schedule a spot-free pressure washing give us a call at  904.220.3337.

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