Waterproofing can save you money

One of the most costly issues a building can have is caused by water getting in and causing damage to the various building materials. Water intrusion is responsible for rust, spalling concrete, rotten wood, and mold developing.

Although Krystal Klean started as a painting remodeling company, we got into waterproofing on accident.

For years, we were hanging off your buildings in hard to get to areas cleaning, and your engineers would come out with a caulk tube, point to a window, and say, “It’s leaking can you caulk around it”.

Many times we would take the tube of whatever product was handed to us and caulk the perimeter of the window.

As we looked at these joints we realized something was really wrong. There were multiple layers of this caulking and none of it seemed to be adhering to the area addressed, or to the other products that it was getting placed on. As a result, we were getting called back to redo work constantly because the windows were still leaking.
Years later, we have spent many, many hours educating ourselves to the proper procedures of caulking joints, and surface preparation.
There are products that are designed to last for 2 years, and there are products designed to last for 20 years. Many building managers or owners don’t know the difference so spend more money than is necessary in the long run if the right product had been used.
The right product can be used and still a joint fail. This is due to improper joint preparation. If the worker just cuts out the old failed product but doesn’t remove all the residue from it, your 20-year product is only as good as the failed surface that it was applied to.

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