The best time to paint the outside of your house

Obviously, you don’t want to paint when it is raining, foggy, soggy, or moist.  This should be common sense as painting wet surfaces only result in sloppy work.  If you are unsure of what the forecast holds for your painting project it would be best to find that out ahead of time so you can make proper plans.

Here are some things to consider before painting the outside of your house providing you have nice dry weather present.

Outside Painting Tips

  • If you plan on scraping off old paint to its original surface be sure to cover the bare with a coat of primer in case rain drops make their appearance.  If you paint wet wood, it will not be effective and definitely will not be long lasting so keep this in mind.
  • Always pressure wash the exterior to remove dirt and dust.
  • It’s important to remember that the paint takes more than just a few hours to dry.  It usually takes 24 hours or longer to dry completely.  Fortunately, in FL, warmer temperatures are an advantage for the paint to dry as colder temps only prolong the process.
  • Try using Latex rather than oi based paint as latex dries faster than oil-based paint.
  • Try not to paint in direct sunlight.  Painting in mild overcast is highly recommended as sunlight can dry only portions of wet paint.
  • Avoid seasonal rain if possible when making plans to paint the outside of your house

Do you have any other tips to share that you found worked for you when painting the outside of your house?  Please share your experience, we would love to hear from you.

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