Types of windows

Have you ever stared at your windows and thought; “I definitely need new windows, but what is the best type of window for my house?‘  This can be tricky as there are a variety of windows to choose from.  But what would look good on your house?  Before making any decisions let’s take a look at a few types of windows available on the market today.

Types of windows

Awning Windows–  These particular windows are best for bedrooms and designed to provide light and breeze.  The awnings can be opened to allow air to circulate in any private room.

Casement Windows– These windows are tightly sealed to conserve energy.  These are great over kitchen sinks or appliances.

Double Hung Windows– These are ideal for kids rooms as the top window can open while the other one remains closed.  Double Hung windows can go anywhere in your home.

Picture Windows– Picture windows offers the greatest light and ventilation possible.  Dark rooms and hallways are usually the best place to install picture windows.

Bay Windows– The most attractive of windows can really add class to your home.  They are mainly used in kitchens but they also look great in family rooms and dining rooms.

Jalousie Windows– Glass sets and metal clips can be seen on these windows.  Very ideal for keeping a home cool.

Hopper Windows– These are popular for basements.

For pros and cons of these windows go to window types on calfinder.com.

Hopefully this list has helped you in your decision.  If you want to take a look at images of these types of windows you will be able to see them at the link suggested above.

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