Painting/Caulking in preparation for hurricane season

In preparation for hurricane season, it’s always good to be prepared.  This includes painting and caulking.  For caulk, you want to choose the best if possible.  Here are some caulking tips according to

Tips for the best Caulk

  • Silicone or Urethane lasts the longest and holds up the best.  This is beneficial especially during hurricane season.
  • If you are unable to purchase Silicone or Urethane Caulk, shoot for Elastomeric latex caulk.  It is also durable and can be painted.
  • Latex and acrylic caulk are other caulking options.  Latex is the easiest to apply.
  • Butyl rubber is a good caulking agent but the lesser of quality than the others.

Choosing the best paint

When it comes to exterior house paint you want to choose the kind that will last forever.  Here are a few tips according to to ensure that your paint can hold up in harsh weather conditions:

  • Wood trim and siding can contract and expand over time, especially with the seasons.  The best type of paint for these types of surfaces is elastic paint that is 100 percent acrylic with a satin sheen.
  • Regional weather extremes are to be taken into account when choosing the proper paint for your home.
  • UV rays unfortunately can affect the finish paint.  Alot of surfaces can fade faster if exposed to direct rays.

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