Popular paint colors for front doors

Have you ever wondered what paint colors are ideal for front doors?  Does it really matter?  If you want eye appealing curb appeal you may want to stick with colors that are bright and vibrant.  Bright colors will highlight any landscape and shrubbery.

The Right Colors for your front doors

  • Red/Orange paint complements neutral exterior paint.  Applying clear varnish will help add shine.
  • Gray/Steel paint is perfect for white colonial homes.  Gray paint with purple undertones or even brown undertones add an attractive look.
  • White paint may be the basic choice but it may be the way to go if your exterior paint is vibrant colors.  You want the contrast to be eye catching and not overbearing.

Here is a brief list of other colors you can choose from strictly for your front doors:

1. Lime

2. Dark Blue

3. Green

4. Gold

5. Deep Purple

6. Turquoise

The key in choosing the right paint for your front doors is “Impression” you want people to adore your choice rather than turn their heads the other way because your choice was blinding or drab.  Stick with the popular paint colors.  You may be surprised.

Sources: eHow and House Beautiful

Image: Wikimedia Commons

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