2015 Gate River Run Photos
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The 2015 Gate River Run

2015 Gate River Run – View full race results and photos here.

2015 Gate River Run

Congratulations to everyone who ran. Here’s a pic of some of the Krystal Klean team members.

Gate River Run 2015 photos

Did you see the Krystal Klean trucks and lifts?

The Gate River Run is the largest 15K race in the United States and attracts more than 25,000 runners each year to the city of Jacksonville, Florida. It serves as the national championships and many of the world’s top Olympic runners participate.

It is also a great springtime event for the whole family. Runners tour the city and weave across bridges and through lively spectators, bands and many people in costumes.

A variety of food and drinks await tired runners of all ages and abilities and the whole day leaves you feeling fantastic.

Krystal Klean team members had a great time participating and also providing the photographers with lifts to help get those great race day photos.

In case you missed them here are the full race results and photographs from 2015.

2015 Gate River Run photos.

Early morning pre-race of the 2015 Gate River Run.

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