Causes of peeling paint

File:Peeling paint 1.jpgAre you tired of completing a painting project only to see that it has started peeling only weeks later?  It is definitely an annoying experience and can pose the question:” What on earth causes paint to peel?”  It has been said that usually it is the plaster and not the paint itself. Here are a few reasons why this can happen and may help you in your future painting projects:

Reasons why paint peels

Moisure from high humidity present can be a major cause of peeling.  Really it is only the main reason for peeling unless you have used very low quality paint.  “Peeling occurs when wet wood swells underneath the paint, causing the paint film to loosen, crack, and ultimately peel.”  This most definitely makes sense doesn’t it?  We repainted our kitchen a couple years ago and within weeks an area of the ceiling began cracking and peeling at a fast rate.  Well, what we realized was it was the area where our dishwasher is located.  The moisutre of the air that floats to the ceiling affected the weak area of the plaster thus causing cracks and peels in the paint.  Very frustrating to say the least.

It is best to correct any condition that may have led to paint failure to prevent these ongoing problems.

Source: Kansas City

Image: Wikimedia Commons

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