Cleaning windows in the spring time

File:Gordijnen aan venster.JPGThough we do not have to experience the frigid cold winter months like the dear people of the north our windows can still stand to see the better light of day after facing pollen, mold, mildew, grime, etc. Since it’s time to “Spring Clean” so to speak let us not forget our windows in the equation.

Why is spring considered the best time of year for the job anyways?  Well, you most definitely want to clean your windows thoroughly at least twice a year since like everything else, the nasty germs, dirt, and grub and build up quickly.  It’s most definitely a good time to make those things shine.  And probably enough for those poor birds to mistake for open windows, yikes.  (Consider some sort of distraction on your windows to keep that from happening.)

Anyways, a good way to get a quick but thorough cleaning of your windows is simply this:

  • You can hire professionals to complete the job
  • Or, get a power washer for the outside then wash with soap and water on the inside.  You might need an old toothbrush to clean out the hard to reach spots, etc.

Source: Associated Content

Image: Wikimedia Commons

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