How to lay a brick walkway

File:Path at Laura Plantation.jpgAre you looking to add a creative look to the exterior of your home?  How about a nice brick walkway?  It can be done but with time, patience and much effort.  It’s an excellent DIY project.  A brick walkway can last for years and does not require a whole lot of maintenance.

  • What you will need to do first is mark the area you would like to lay your bricks.  The best way to do this is to mark the area with spray paint.
  • You will have to excavate the area about six inches.  A skid-steer evaluator is the best tool for this job.
  • You will want to cover the entire area with gravel. 3 inches is best.  A vibrating plate compactor is beneficial for laying the gravel evenly.
  • Now you will want to lay some sort of plastic edging all along the sides of the pathway.  Nail spikes into the plastic.
  • The pathway will need to be filled with bedding sand.  Be sure to level the sand evenly.

Time to lay your bricks….

  • You can lay them in whatever pattern you choose.  A mallet will securely place the bricks.
  • Sweep sand over the area to fill in any cracks.
  • Sweep more sand over the area to complete the project.

Source: eHow

Image: Wikimedia Commons


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