How to paint over dark colors and wild patterns with lighter color paints

File:US Navy 070808-N-4954I-032 perations Specialist 3rd Class Julie Blackmore removes old paint with a steel brush at Modilon General Hospital in support of a community relations project.jpgDo you have a room that currently has either dark colors of paint or wild patterns that you just can’t stand looking at anymore?  You would really like to lighten up the room but how can it be done?  Can lighter shades really hide darker colors or those wild and crazy patterns?  I was curious to knowing the answer to this and here is what I found.  “It can be done.”  Check out these tips to make the transition from a darker room to a lighter more breath-taking room:

Tips for light colors over dark colors

Here are some pretty simple tips for transforming your dark room into a lighter room:

  • Wash your walls thoroughly with soap and water.  Be sure to remove all dirt and grime.
  • To create a more even surface, you will need to sand your walls.
  • Caulk your walks if necessary to remove any holes, etc.
  • Cover any trim or other areas with blue painter’s tape.
  • Paint your walls with primer.
  • Sand the primed wall and smooth out any bumps.
  • Pour light colored paint in paint tray and use same technique as primer.
  • If necessary, paint additional coats to even out the shade.

If you follow these steps, your room will be the brighter version that you originally hoped for.  This can potentially also work over those wild patterns that you detest so much.

Source: Ehow

Image: Wikimedia Commons



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