Paint Brushes vs. Paint Rollers

Many people go into painting projects without really understanding the importance and usage of the different types of painting tools.  Are both paint brushes and paint rollers really necessary?  Originally, you’d think that using paint rollers would cut the painting time in half.  This is true if you use it correctly and over large flat surfaces.  But what about tight areas along wood beams or narrow areas.  Paint rollers can’t efficiently paint those areas without the use of paint brushes.

Paint Roller Techniques

How can you use paint rollers without leaving those unsightly roller marks?

  • First off, make sure you have a good roll cover.  This is essential part of the rolling setup.
  • Smooth the paint by using horizontal strokes.  If you are a skilled painter most likely you can do this vertically without leaving roller marks.
  • Make sure the paint roll is fully loaded before you go this approach.

Paint Brush Techniques

  • Like the paint roller, you will want to load the paint brush.
  • Apply and distribute paint on the walls stroking left to right or right to left, whatever is comfortable for you.  You want to flex the bristles while cutting in with your strokes for even distribution.
  • For large and flat areas,  you will want to hold the brush on a 45 degree angle.  You can use diagonal and horizontal strokes.
  • To smooth out the paint,  use long and smooth strokes.  At the end of each stroke, lift the paint brush from the surface.  This leaves a feathering affect.

As you can see, there are some slight to major differences between the use of a paint brush and a paint roller.  Once you get the hang of their proper uses, DIY can be a piece of cake!

Source: eHow

Image: Wikimedia Commons

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