Tips for removing paint from an aluminum boat

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Image by Marc Ryckaert

If you possess an old aluminum boat and would like to repaint it, most likely you will need to remove old paint first. This can potentially be a messy job.  Here are some easy tips for removing paint from an aluminum boat according to Will Carpenter over at

Tips for paint removal

  • Park your boat on top of a surface such as a tarp or sheet.
  • Purchase a paint stripper to apply to your boat.  After applied, allow to set for up to 15 minutes.
  • Remove the stripper as soon as the 15 minutes is up or less with a water hose.  Be sure to use clean water when completing this task.
  • Use a palm sander to touch up stops that weren’t easily removed. (220 grain sandpaper is recommended)
  • Properly dispose all paint chips, etc. with the sheet or tarp used to catch all of the paint mess.

*Be sure to check out Will’s tips and warnings when it comes to removing paint from your aluminum boat.

These are excellent tips and ones that I will use when we purchase our first boat some day down the road.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

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