Clapboard siding maintenance

File:1683 oak clapboards attic view.jpgAs you may already know, traditional clapboard siding is made of wood and has a very attractive appearance.  But in these modern days clapboard vinyl clapboard is used and is much easier to care for.  If you want to maintain your clapboard siding here are a few tips to help make it possible whether you are dealing with traditional or vinyl clapboard siding:

Tips for caring for clapboard siding

  • Be sure to inspect the paint on the siding.  Paint can potentially protect the clapboard siding from rain, snow, sun, etc.  Sand areas that may need to be smoothed out.
  • Be sure to pressure wash your clapboard siding at least once to twice a year.  Keeping your siding clean will keep your clapboard siding in good condition for much longer.
  • If you see any boards that may be splitting, replace them immediately. Or you can caulk them and repaint it if it looks like you will not need to replace it completely.

These are excellent tips especially when it comes to DIY projects.

Source: Do It Yourself

Image: Wikimedia Commons

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