Paint brush maintenance

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Do you want your paint brushes to have a long life so that they stay working the best?  I know that paint brushes are not necessarily cheap so it would be more economical to manage and maintain your paint brushes so that they last a very long time and in good working order.  Here are a few very useful tips according to Gill Jennings over at Helium:

Paint Brush Tips

  • Use the paint brush for it’s sole purpose
  • Wash and rinse your paintbrush regularly to avoid any paint build-up.
  • Make sure your own hands our clean before cleaning your paint brushes.
  • Use the proper cleaner for paint
  • Reshape your paint brushes bristles right after a good cleaning.
  • Hang the paint brushes upside down for proper drying or mold and mildew will grow.
  • Put your paintbrush back in the protective sleeve that in originally came in.
  • Store your clean brushes in a paint brush holder.

If you follow these recommendations, your paint brushes will almost always be like new producing the right results every time.

Source: Helium

Image: Wikimedia Commons

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