How to clean and care for bricks outside the home

File:House on High Street.jpgUnfortunately, cleaning your external brick walls of the home is not an easy chore but it can be done efficiently and effectively if you just follow these few simple steps as seen on

  • Be sure your work area is free and clear of anything that may hinder a top notch job.  Things such as grills, furniture, plants etc., should be moved away from your brick walls to get a full cleaning.
  • Dis soap and water along with a bristle brush can help brick that is heavily soiled and needs a major cleaning.  If you notice that your bricks aren’t really that dirty, warm water is enough to maintain clean bricks.
  • Be sure to rinse thoroughly your clean bricks.  From top to bottom is the motion you want to take for effective rinsing.
  • If you are uncertain that you are able to clean your outer brick walls effectively, don’t hestitate to call a professional to do it for you.

Source: How to Clean Things

Image: Wikimedia Commons

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