DIY Window Treatments

Are your windows needing some TLC?  Here is a project you can get away easily by doing yourself without the added hassles or headaches.  You most definitely want a room to be vibrant and inviting correct?  Here are some DIY tips and tricks for window treatments that you may find very useful:

  • Considering sheers?  These are translucent and usually used behind drapes or curtains to add a layered look.  Sheers do not block views but add a soft look to your windows.
  • Shop and purchase the drapes and curtains you would like to use on your windows.  Drapes tend to be heavier where curtains are lighter.  Select colors that compliment the colors in whatever room you choose.
  • Rods and Finals can be used with drapes and curtains based on style and color.
  • Blinds are available in solid wood, metal, plastic, or cloth.

After putting all of your choices together, you will have a window treatment that will be not only beautiful but the talk and envy of your guests.

Source: eHow

Image: Wikimedia Commons

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