Tips for white washing your house

Does your house need a little TLC?  Have you ever considered whitewashing it?  It’s a cheaper way of doing things and only has to be done up to three times a year.

Here are some easy tips according to eHow.

  • Mix bleach with dish washing liquid.  This mixture can be placed in any household bucket.
  • Spray down the outside of your house thoroughly before washing.  You want to loosen up any dirt present.  It is advised to remove window screens to give a separate washing.
  • Soak a wide brush in the cleaning mixture and brush against the house.  (Wear old clothes to avoid getting bleach on your good clothes.)
  • Do parts of your house at a time working your way from the top down to the bottom.  After you have achieved a successful cleaning, spray down thoroughly.  The end product is astonishing, your house can potentially look like new after a good whitewashing.

For more tips on how to effectively white wash your house,  check out white washing tips on

Source: eHow

Image: Free Digital Photos

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